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Mosul youth got a chance to change their lives and learn a profession of barbering. 15 young men participated in monthly vocational training in Al-Akhaa.

From 20th October to 20th November, the trainees will gain skills in barbering profession including hairdressing and shaving. All of them will get a certificate and will be linked to the market upon completion of the courses.

It’s not the first vocational training for youth in post-war Mosul. RNVDO started implementing livelihood projects, in cooperation with international partners, at the beginning of 2018. Livelihood programs lay in a new course in reducing poverty and building the linkages to economic growth. These opportunities will give renewed hopes to a new generation for their future.

The program assisted in improving work opportunities through the linkages between the livelihood training programs and the market. It improved the ability to have income that allows youth to purchase items most needed for their families and afford further education, which in turn will contribute to the process of rebuilding communities and cultivating social cohesion.