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Why this book?

Al Danaber Revolution is written by Blawe Fathi Hamodi Alhamdoni and released in Al Waq Waq Town 2019. It represents the manifestation of courage and patriotism when a group of young Nineveh and volunteers started the biggest campaign to clean up the mess in the Governorate. Later it was called the revolution of Al Danaber.

RNVDO is pleased to present this book as a contribution to shed light on this cultural achievement and engrave it in the memory of heirs.

The revolution of the Al Danaber is a new kind of rebellion, it’s not a political or military coup, but a social human revolution. It was able to prevent war remnants of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and return families to their homes. It’s a revolution that erased grief and returned cheerfulness. The volunteers’ work won the Best Arab Volunteer Work Award in 2018.