Baghdad Forum for Communities in Action in the Humanitarian Field was attended by several national and international organizations.

The Forum was held on 2-3rd December 2018 and was conducted by the Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS). The Forum was intended to draw attention to the acute issue of Iraq reconstruction, which will take years after the ISIS war (ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). To rebuild the country, the Government, supported by NGOs, should continue the mission of returning IDPs (internally displaced persons) to their places of origin. Dr. Yasin Al-Mamouri, the President of the IRCS, shared that humanitarian organizations have a distinctive role in facing the humanitarian challenges and alleviate the suffering of the affected people as a result of the disasters and events. He also added that the gathering is an international platform for the interaction of ideas and the determination of conclusions, which will provide all of us with a common platform for serious collective action based on intellectual initiative and responsible freedom. All the attenders fully supported the new platform and shared their willingness to support in all humanitarian areas.