RNVDO manages the biggest IDP camp in Iraq

CCCM activities

  1. IDPS

RNVDO CCCM project received the first IPD flew from Mosul within the start of the operation of liberating Mosul, since Aug. 2016 up to date the CM staff received more than 227,655 individuals.


The IDPs that have been received by RNVDO are from different spots of Iraq, (east Mosul, west Mosul, Baaj, Qayrawan, Muhalabia, Sinjar, Zomar, Kask, Tal Abta, Talafer, Shura, Hader, Shrqat, Hawija, Salahadeen, Makhmoor, Dibaga, etc.). The IDPs are from different tribes (Shamar, Juboor, Maamra, Albu Hamad, Jughifa, Albu Metwit, Juhash, etc.).


The percentage of female under 18 years are 29%, male under 18 years are 25%, female over 18 are 30%, male over 18 are 16%.


  1. CCCM

As CCCM our responsibilities are to make sure equitable access to all IDPs to all services available in the camp and protection without discrimination to any group.


After receiving the IDPs the process of registration of the IDPs through our unique database system, then tent allocated, guiding IDPs to their tents, coordination with CCCM cluster and all service providers to supply the IDPs with food and no-food items.


Other responsibilities of RNVDO are to reduce the tension among the IDPs through social cohesion, peacebuilding through different activities such as (sport, social events, like women’s day and baby show), family reunification and reconciliation between different tribes in the camps.


  1. Coordination

RNVDO CCCM project management attended all the CCCM cluster meetings to update the cluster with all the issues related to the camp. Under the CCCM project, RNVDO conducts camp coordination meeting (CCM) with all service providers to identify responsibilities of all service providers and describe the service mapping and 3Ws for Jad’ah camps to avoid duplication. The CCCM staff linked the IDPs with all service providers, through IFP desk (Information and Feedback point).


RNVDO led the arrangement of security meetings on a monthly base with all security actors in the area, CCCM cluster, and other Qayarrha camp management to ensure the camp residents’ safety and security.


RNVDO CCCM staff updated the CCCM cluster on a daily and monthly bases concerning all the issues related to the camp. Jad’ah camp CM staff reported all the security incidents related to the presence of the armed participants in the camps through the incident matrix.


  1. Gaps Need Assessment and Studies

Concerning the IDPs’ needs, RNVDO conducted several assessments and surveys to identify gaps and needs and shared all the assessment with clusters and service providers to fill the gaps. For instance, RNVO conducted NFI assessment, WASH assessment, satisfaction surveys, intention to returns surveys camp sweep, FGDs with different groups, male-female, etc.