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Dec 2019

In order to enhance social cohesion between the communities of Nineveh Governorate and Iraq, RNVDO organized through the project (PROMOTE PEACE AND STABILITY THROUGH INTER-FAITH DIALOGUE) and with the support of MCC and DPNA organizations, a festival for children in Al-Hamdania city, east of Nineveh Governorate. On Christmas in the hall of Al-Tajali Church in the city.

The festival, that pervades an atmosphere of fun spread and dominated all the children, includes hymns, chants, recreational activities, the festival ended with the distribution of gifts to children by Santa Claus.

“The aim of this event and the project in general is to spread the culture of peace and involve everyone in the discussions supporting the peace process” said by Wissam Jassam, peace circle keeper and team leader of the festival’s executing team.

Martin, a resident of the city of Hamdania and peace circle member, adds that feelings of joy and intimacy are great among people here, especially when they feel that the feasts of Christians have become public holidays that concern all societies in Nineveh and Iraq.

The projects include members from different coexisting components in Nineveh Governorate, who worked to organize and attend this event.

Is worth to mention that saint francis’s brotherhood has participated in organizing the festival.