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Conflict transformation and peace building Workshop

On June 8th, 2020 (RNVDO) team organized a full day workshop on “Conflict Transformation and Peace Building” within project Promote Peace and Stability through Inter-Faith Dialogue in partnership with MCC and DPNA funded by EU.

The workshop has been facilitated by Dr. Sara’a Sam Mohammed (M.A. in peace building) and under social distancing rules and with considering the prevention behaviors from COVID 19 where all the participants have put on face masks and gloves.

The workshop was attended by 23 participants from youth peace circle members from different sectors of the Mosul city.

Workshop searched on Societal peace, peacebuilding, Causes of conflicts, Conflict, Identity, stereotype, and intolerance.

This workshop is part of a group of activities of the RNVDO’s project conducted with the support of its donors and partners to raise the peace and social cohesion in Nineveh Governorate.