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 August 2019

      WHH currently has a major 4-year-length project in hand about Aquaculture, which needs to be implemented in Salah Aldin. WHH is looking for a local partner for this project. As though, the organizations (WHH and RNVDO) have a lot of common in their missions and activities, in the future they can make cooperation within the framework.

This was concluded during a first meeting held on Thursday, 29th August, 2019 with Ms. Marisa Perello, Head of Programmes/Deputy Country Director, Welthungerhilfe (WHH) wherein Zahid Jalbani, Program Manager and Maria Mishenina, Program Officer-RNVDO were also present.

Mr. Zahid gave a brief presentation about RNVDO programs and its activities along with the outreach and future programs which followed by a video screening.

Ms. Perello gave an overview of WHH history and its programs with a special focus on Iraq. The organization works here since 2014, mainly outside camps. She mentioned that there are three areas of interest wherein WHH and RNVDO can partner in including WASH, Livelihood and Social Cohesion.

Currently, WHH is present in Erbil (HQ), Duhok, Sinuni, and Zomar while for next year (2020) WHH is planning to start its program operation in Salah Aldin and Tikrit. 

At the end of meetings both the organizations exchanged their publications like RNVDO profile and an info-graphic report while WHH shared their annual report 2017.