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  • It was an opportunity for us to visit the county and have look at reality, we wish you already all the best with your activities, – these were the words of the two delegates Mr. Freddy Roosemont, General Director, and Ms. Myriam Essiaf, Immigration Liaison Officer, from the Federal Public Service Home Affairs, Belgium.

The delegation paid a 3-days visit to Iraq, on 22-24 October 2019, to consolidate with our NGO and the Iraqi Government in solving the thorny issue with Iraqi asylum seekers in Belgium.

Delegation discussed three problems including, an increasing number of Iraqi immigrants in Belgium; a plan of facilitating a voluntary returning of the immigrants; reactivation of the already signed in 2017 declaration of collaboration between Iraq and Belgium Governments.

Day-1 Baghdad

On October 22, the delegation landed in the capital of Iraq. The first day they spent on meeting with Mr. Nawhal Bahaa Mousa, the Minister of Migration and Displaces in Iraq; Mr. Hussein Arab Al-Suraife, the Council Representative; and Mr. Hamid Al-Kazi, the General Secretary of the Council of Ministers. The Iraqi Government representatives assured their support for solving the immigration issue.

Delegation also visited and IDPs Christian camp in Baghdad wherein they got an opportunity to meet camp management who shared the main challenges in working with IDPs (internally displaced persons).

Day-2 Erbil

On October 23, the delegation met with various senior officials in Erbil including Mr. Akram Jamo, Director of the NGOs Directorate in the KRG; Mr. Omed Khoshnaw, Parliamentarian and President of PDK list of Kurdistan Parliament; Mr. Peshawa Hawramani, Ms. Jwan Rozhbayani, Ms. Liza Falakadin Kakayi – Parlamenterians of Kurdistan parliament; and Dr. Sami Jalal, General Director of Interior Ministry.

The delegation also paid a visit to the RNVDO head office, based in Erbil. We kindly welcomed the guests and gave them a brief presentation about our current programs and future concept. Also, we presented our vision for solving the issue with the asylum seekers – starting a new program, which will allow the immigrants to return to Iraq and live dignified life.

Day-3 Mosul

On October 24, the delegation carried on their trip to Mosul.

Nineveh Governor Mr. Mansour al-Mareed along with delegation opened the RNVDO exhibition. The guests were welcomed by local kids and briefed with our activities and programs.

Each section came alive. Livelihood was presented by barber classes and sewing lessons. And children of Mosul prepared the most exciting activity – a play, within Education and Protection programs.

Inspired by a small theatre, the delegation paid a visit to the last spot – Jad’ah camps. They had a full tour in and outside the camps and emulated the experience of supporting the IDPs.

The delegation was satisfied with their visit as it was a kind of very productive for them because especially this will help Belgium Govt. to reactivate their connections with Govt. of Iraq for voluntarily returning of the asylum seekers. We at RNVDO will continue the dialogue with Govt. of Belgium especially through the delegates to ensure a dignified return of Iraqi to their native country.