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Children of IDPs (internally displaced persons), who currently live in Jad’ah camps (southern Mosul, Iraq), release their talents with the drawing courses.

The majority of the children in the camps doesn’t attend school, so RNVDO conducted the drawing courses for creating a good educational environment and a recreation space, where kids can realize their skills, communicate with peers and entertain themselves.

7-year-old Saad has been living in the camp for three years. The boy couldn’t attend school, so he was almost unable to read and write. Such courses allow him to make up for skills and increase creativity.

Saad says that before he didn’t have papers, pencils, and colours for drawing. And now he impatiently waits for each drawing lesson.


This course is part of the community activities, conducted in Jad’ah camps. Also, we provide literacy lessons and carpentry courses for adults.

RNVDO manages community center for PSS (Psychosocial Support) at the community center in Al-Akhaa neighborhood, east of Mosul. EliseCare, the project donor, a few days ago paid a visit to the neighborhood.