RNVDO facilitates the return of children back to school and access a normal learning environment to help the healing process of the trauma of war on their young lives.  RNVDO’s project with UNICEF, Enhancing access to safe and conducive learning environments through school minor repairs and awareness in 18 school building (23 schools) in Qayyarah areas, Nineveh province.  RNVDO reached 5,775 among an affected population of about 73,650   through minor repairs and rehabilitation of WASH at the same time creating work opportunities for vulnerable communities here to access cash for work by contributing to school repair activities.  In addition, RNVDO has facilitated orientation of 54 teachers (men and women educators) on Hygiene Promotion which will be disseminated to school children through attractively packaged activities and message to help them adopt healthy hygiene behaviours and prevent mortality and morbidity attributed through water borne diseases.

The war against ISIS has seen the proliferation of IEDs causing death and grievous injuries to civilian populations and largely children who are curious by nature.  To provide security awareness and heighten the dangers of mines and unexploded ordinances, Mine Risk Education for 46 teachers was conducted in collaboration with the MAG-affiliated agency ISHCO who will then disseminate to students. Currently RNVDO is engaged with communities and children on school awareness activities.

During the early months of the conflict, RNVDO partnered with Cordaid Foundation to rehabilitate three primary schools in liberated neighbourhoods, one each in Saf Al Tooth (Hamam al-Alil District), Al Hawij (Mosul District) and Wardek (Hamdaniyah District).

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