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June 2019 South of Mosul/ Iraq      

        To promote peace-building and social cohesion in Jadah camp, RNVDO, as the organization tasked of camp management, is managing tribal reconciliation between the families living in camp, especially after some issues happened among the IDPs.

The good knowledge of tribal culture and a long history of experiences in managing tribal reconciliation helped RNVDO to succeed with the mission of reducing the violence and building peace and social cohesion.

As Ayman, Jadah 5 camp manager, said: ” Because we are aware of the social nature of the IDPs and the strong relationship with the tribal leaders and mokhtars, we could calm down the situation in the camp and create a safe environment”.

He adds “A part of our tasks as camp managers is to build a safe environment and enable everyone to live together while promoting social ties”.

The result of the reconciliation was the signing by the two parties of an agreement of commitment to coexist peacefully and reject the dispute.

As RNVDO is managing 6 camps in South of Mosul / Iraq for IDPs, RNVDO will continue its efforts to ensure a peaceful and secure environment for the IDPs and guarantee their well-being.