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Turning a new leaf sometimes can be difficult, especially for people, who lost their homes, but we try to give an opportunity for everyone. RNVDO conducts literacy lectures and carpentry courses for IDPs (internally displaced persons) in the camps.

The literacy lessons provide self-development and capacity-building for IDPs, who are not literate.

Saja, who lives in Jad’ah camp, joined literacy classes. The woman didn’t have an opportunity to get a school education, so now the lections help her to study at this age.

Also, RNVDO conducts carpentry courses for young people. The training helps IDPs to acquire vocational skills, which allows them to work in camps or after returning to their place of origin.

Said Al-Nazih, from the camp Jad’ah 5, shared that after the course when he returns to his hometown, he is going to start a carpentry project. The new profession helps the man to become more self-confident and find hope for a better future after the displacement.

RNVDO wishes all the best for our trainees, we believe that starting over and getting skills is possible for all ages.