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July 2019

Governor of Ninawa, Mansour Al-Maraid, broke down with tears while attending a meeting with RNVDO while watching a documentary film on IDPs prepared by RNVDO. He could not help restraining his feelings during a video presentation that displayed the suffering of the IDPs in the camps managed by RNVDO. He even suspended the meeting for a few minutes to have a moment alone before returning to the meeting room to continue. 

During the meeting, Mr. Al-Maraid announced the dedication of the governorate’s capabilities to provide all possible resources for the displaced people, especially the various humanitarian and service files for all the people of Ninawa. He praised the important role played by RNVDO in supporting the displaced and adopting various community projects for the people of Mosul.

Mr. Al-Maraid advised establishing an ongoing communication channel with RNVDO to submit recommendations regarding the conditions of the IDPs and the different sorts of suffering the citizens in Ninawa Governorate go through to present best practices and determine the crisis to sort all issues out. 

During the meeting, which was also attended by Dr. Orfan al-Nuaimi and several staff members of the organization, a comprehensive scientific study documented by numbers and data of IDPs in displacement camps as well as specific recommendations on the overall challenges facing Ninawa Governorate was presented.