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RNVDO started the process of relocation of families and individuals from the camps Jad’ah 6 and Haj Ali to other camps Jad’ah 1-5 (the majority moved to Jad’ah 5 camp), located in southern Mosul, Iraq. Already 566 families, and 2079 individuals relocated as at 11th September 2019.

The decision of relocation was concluded during a camp management coordination meeting held on Sunday, 1st September 2019 with the camp service providers.

First, RNVDO started with a coordination meeting with all partners in Jad’ah camp to make preparations for the camp closure, consolidation, and relocation of the IDPs (internally displaced persons), who are not able to return to their places of origin.

RNVDO with the partners prepared key messages for the IDPs about the relocation: destination, options for choosing a new location, safety regulations, etc.

On 4th September the RNVDO staff started registration for two groups of IDPs: who want to return to a place of origin; and persons, who want to relocate to the other camp. The first group of families was provided with a departure letter. And the second group – with a new location address in the identified camp. RNVDO with the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement (MoMD) provided transportation for the second group.

RNVDO’s first team met the families in the new location to guide them to a new block and tent. The other team was responsible for the maintenance activities.