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We are starting a long trip for 20 months to enhance community relations in the Nineveh governorate, Iraq. “Promote peace and stability through inter-faith dialogue” project aims to heal war wounds, gather representatives of different religions and cultures by creating Peace Circles (PCs) with Mennonite Central Committee Lebanon (MCC) and Development for People and Nature Association (DPNA).

According to the project, will be created two PCs for youth and women, in each one up to 20 participants. We’re going to organize culture and art groups, where the beneficiaries, by lections and trips, will have an opportunity to discover the history, landmarks, the oldest churches, and mosques. Also, women and young people will be able to participate in teambuilding games, discussions, and forums.

The most anticipated events will be two Peace Celebrations – exchange visits to religious buildings, with the participation of people of various ethnic and religious groups, to restore their mutual trust and interfaith harmony.