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The Ministry of Displacement and Migration announced the return of some (285) IDPs from the camps of southern Mosul to the districts and areas of the outskirts of Nineveh Governorate.
Nineveh Governorate MoDm branch manager , Khaled Abdul Karim, said that ” Under the supervision and follow-up of the Minister of Immigration and Displacement, Mrs. Evan Faek Jabro, and in cooperation with the Joint Operations Command, the Al-Jadda Camps, south of Mosul, witnessed the return of (285) IDPs to their original areas of residence in the villages and suburbs of Nineveh Governorate, “stressing that the primary goal of the government and the ministry is for the displaced to return to their areas of origin, pointing out that some of these families do not have cars to take them to their original areas, and the Ministry has taken it upon itself in coordination with the RNVDO cars take them to their original place of residence.
Abdel Karim said that the areas to which the displaced families have returned are (Kesk, Baaj and qairouan).