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On August 27, 2019 a delegation from Nineveh Governorate headed by the Governor Mr. Mansour al-Mareed paid a visit to RNVDO HQ office in Erbil.

After shaking hands with all members of RNVDO-team, Mr. Mansour al-Mareed kindly agreed to have breakfast with senior management.  After the repast, the sides discussed a future partnership in working in Nineveh Governorate.

The project “Re-integration of ISIS-families (ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and youth with their community” was started in 2017 by the RNVDO. It supports families, where one of the members was forcibly got involved in extremist actions during the war in 2014-2015; women, who were enslaved by ISIS and had families in their camps; young people, who were recruited by terrorists especially young children as soldiers.

 Families crave to reintegrate with their community and come back to their residence, while youth also need psychological support.In less than 2 years of running the project, the RNVDO already got encouraging results – about 80 families had a reunion with their community. But still, many IDPs (internally displaced persons) are obliged to live in camps.
The esteemed Governor discussed the most important issue of re-integration of ISIS families with the General Adviser of the RNVDO Dr. Ofran Al Nuaimy, the official showed his readiness to support RNVDO’s project in the area which is already under its way. The meeting was a stepping print in improving the living conditions for many victims from Nineveh.