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A few years ago, in this peaceful village Al-Adnaniya (Sinjar district of the Nineveh governorate, Iraq) where in about 4,000 families were living. Now, after a conflict between two religious groups, deserted houses are deteriorating.

The feud between Arabs and Yazidis turned 1/3 of house buildings into ruins as majority of the locals moved to other adjacent localities. Approximately 900 families became IDPs (internally displaced persons) in Jad’ah camps while majority of them would like to come back to their place of origin, where they had a school for education of their children and a hospital for emergency medical treatment. 

Already, the restoration of peace was in the other village – Al-Qahdaniya. Its habitation, before the tribal feud, was about 32,000 people. Nowadays, Yazidi families are coming back to Al-Qahdaniya.

We at RNVDO, are doing our best to handle the conflict between the tribes to help the families to come back to their native villages and get settled there to live a peaceful and dignified life.