Food Security / Non-food Items

In October 2016, after the commencement of the coalition offensive and the reclamation of the first few neighborhoods in Nineveh province, over 3000 families (18,000 individuals) benefited from RNVDO’s first-line food security response.

RNVDO continued to meet the urgent needs of the population in joint partnership with OCHA via IHPF, NRC, Cordaid, Polish Humanitarian Aid (PAH), Islamic Relief France (SIF), Caritas Chezh Republic, FOCSIV, Christian Aid Ministries, Mercy Corps, Oxfam, and Samaritan’s Purse.

RNVDO provided operations and logistics support to the partners, including monitoring support, and distributed Rapid Response Mechanism kits, NFI kits, Sawyer water filters, hygiene kits, baby diapers, fuel, dry food parcels, and summer kits.

Food Assistance     

RNVDO distributed foods to all families inside and outside camps , the package was including (cooking oil , rice, tomato paste , spaghetti , flour , suger , salt,  bulgur ,..etc). RNVDO was able to reach 195,627beneficiaries through food assistance with the support of different partners.

Non-Food Items (Kits) Distribution

It composed basic NFIs including (cooking stuff, heating stuff, kitchen set, mattress bed, solar light, and hygiene kits, kerosene for heating, washing basin). RNVDO through its various partners was able to reach 38,500beneficiaries. 

Winterization Kits Distribution

RNVDO provided winterization kits to 87,600 beneficiaries. Each winterization kits that distributed in the camps including (shoes, clothes, socks and hats) those were distributed based on beneficiaries’ age range).