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Monday, August 26, RNVDO and the Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA) had a very productive meeting regarding partnership for execution of WASH project in 2 schools.The meeting was attended by Mr. Mohammad Noor, Country Director along with Mr. Ali Jelal Senior Project Engineer of BORDA while Zahid Jalbani, Program Manager and Maria Mishenina, Program Officer-RNVDO were also present.Both the organizations discussed about partnership within the WASH sector specially for implementing Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Solutions (DEWATS) in rehabilitated schools in Mosul. DEWATS is able to supply densely populated urban areas, as well as rural areas, with adequate wastewater treatment. It’s suitable for poor urban and peri-urban areas, schools, hospitals, and small businesses with organic loads in their wastewater. This project can be completed in 2 Mosul schools by November-19.

Mr. Mohammad Noor further shared that their team experience in “water” projects. He further added that BORD team had already such implemented similar project in Baharka, where we used purified water for greenhouses. So that areas with a poor water supply can save this resource by reusing it.

The other areas of interest identified including provision of a sanitation system in camps by implementing the usage of septic bags, for emergency sanitation. Unfortunately, sanitation and water supply became a problem in some cities, so we are highly motivated to move on with this idea for the partnership in future through being benefited from the experiences and expertise of both the organizations.