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15 May 2019 Mosul- Iraq

Zanjaily Community Center of RNVDO on the west side of Mosul city in Iraq and in coordination with IHSCO, provided a course for children about the regions in the western side of the city where mines and remnants of war are scattered. The course provided information on the forms of the mines, where they could be located, and the appropriate behavior, “If they find a foreign object, they should do not touch it”

“I learned through the workshop to not approach the buildings destroyed and places abandoned by the war”, says Zakaria, ten years.

He adds that he knows the warning signs and what the skull and the red flag indicate and that with the red tape they all alert us of the existence of explosive materials and warn us of the danger.

If he enters a place where there are mines, he must remain calm and ask for help from the civil defense.