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As part of its social responsibility, (RNVDO) announces that it has launched a campaign that includes a series of measures to put governmental and international agencies before their humanitarian and moral duties towards the genocide massacre known as the “ Al khsvh” massacre, which killed more than 2070 people from Nineveh province.

These measures are aimed at reminding this massacre, issuing legislation that classifies it as a crime against humanity, documenting the names of its victims, and compensating their families.

The first phase will be to capture and document the names and addresses of the victims of this genocide.

To assist in the implementation of this national and humanitarian campaign, RNVDO invites the families of the victims of the massacre (Al- khsvh) to register by writing to the official page of RNVDO, On Facebook, the message should include the following information:


Victim’s full name:

– Date and place of birth:

– Occupation of the victim at the time of his loss:

– Date of loss of victim:

– How the victim was lost:

– The full -person name of the person concerned with following up the victim’s file:

– Telephone number:

– Any other information:

Note: Please provide any photographs or documents pertaining to the victim, or any documents obtained by the victim’s family from ISIS when he was occupying Mosul (if any).