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RNVDO opens a community center on the western side of Mosul
May 2019 Nineveh Iraq
RNVDO has opened a community center in the Zangidi neighborhood of western Mosul, where the center is working to create a safe environment for children as well as psychosocial services.
The center is in one of Mosul’s most damaged neighborhoods due to military operations when it was liberated from ISIS.
Where there is a big need for humanitarian effort and child protection from the psychological and social damage that accompanied the period of ISIS control over the region.
“Every day, they receive cases of children who have been affected in violent incidents, to the point of killing and dying their loved ones before their eyes, or because they are physically damaged by the war,” said Akhlas (social supervisor).
She added that they have in the center, all the means to deal with these cases and under the supervision of trainers specialize in dealing with children.
Noor, the eight-year-old girl, one of the cases receiving support from the center, “says she spends great time with her classmates.
And teachers, and she learns new things every day, and that the most comfortable exercise in which she feels comfortable is drawing, because she can make pictures of everything, she feels inside her, loves him or wants to get”.
Instructors use drawing alongside music, puppet theater and other activities to visualize the child’s psychological problems,
The speak or express that couldn’t children explained it, they embodiment with color on paper because is easier and entertaining for the child.
Nouha the trained in the community center begins to give children the priorities of drawing and then graduated with them to enable them to access the drawing boards used by social workers in the center to learn about what children feel and are unable to express in words, and then diagnose psychological problems and develop a plan of treatment appropriate to them.