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Women centers in Jada’h Camps to Empower Women to face all challenges.

Iraq- Jada’h camp May 2019

In the context of the coordination with IOM, RNVDO launched a vocational training program for women who are responsible for running their own households in the camps south of Mosul. The program includes the training of these women in the tailoring profession, 25 women in each of the six camps.

This program will give women a craft through which they can open small businesses that will provide them with material inputs that they can depend on to live.

“Staying in the tent and being responsible for caring for my family would have caused me more poverty as there was no way of working for me as a woman” says Istabraq, who lives in Jada’a5 Camp, one of the women in the training program, “This training will give me and many women in these camps a career that will enable us to secure the clothing for ourselves and our children at minimum”.

“I will certainly be able to work in this area and become a source of strength for me and my children”.

This program represents the first of its kind in Jada’a camps and it will contribute to the introduction of other professional training and activities for the displaced: in this way, after they were fully dependent on humanitarian aid, the displaced will be able to become more independent and have more opportunities for themselves and their families.