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Shukaran Jazeelan-Awards and Appreciation Ceremony

RNVDO organized the first ever awards and appreciation ceremony on 30th July, 2019 for its partner organizations those extended their support during and after the war in the country-Iraq. The event was attended by more than 75 people from different organization including EU, DFID, Japan Counsel, US AID, UN Agencies, Govt., INGOs, NGOs and media.

Mr. Zahid Jalbani, Program Manager-RNVDO welcomed all the participants and briefly described about the objectives of event which is followed by a power point presentation about the RNVDO’s programs, outreach and its impact done by Mr. Karam Gajo, RNVDO MEAL Manager.

Mr Saman Omer, RNVDO Executive Director, gave an appreciation speech thanking the partner organizations for their support and describing RNVDO history and its contribution through humanitarian response.

Hon. Clarisse Pastztory, EU delegation Representative in Erbil, said that she didn’t know the history of RNVDO, but she was impressed by RNVDO history and activities. She summarized the region current situation and thanked KRI for its support for the refugee situation. She said that, after the emergency is finished, the current challenges are those typical of the early recovery. In particular she highlighted the needs to contrast GBV and the need to train staff with the adequate capabilities. She thanked NGOs and their staff for their work in the field, but she said that there are gaps, like the lack of cooperation and capabilities in reporting those need to be looked into for future response.


Ms. Mayssoun Azzam, the representative of Al Arabiya Network, she spoke of two success stories, in which they were able to connect beneficiaries with organizations that were able to support them.

Hon. Katsumi Moriyasu, Consul of Japan, gave a speech in Arabic, who appreciated and thanked all the organizations for their contributions during emergency response and he also thanked RNVDO for this event.

The DFID-UK representative concluded saying that support to local NGOs and developing their capacity is necessary, support not only in form of funding, but even in listening each other and having better communication.

Mr. Misheck Chitanda, RNVDO fundraising and partnerships manager, gave a closing speech with thanks to the guests and the partners, with special thanks to the guest of honors. He stressed on the necessity of building capacity of local NGOs. He thanked the media and their coverage. He thanked Dr. Orfan, RNVDO general advisor, for his guidance and RNVDO staff for their effort.