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Hajj Ali is a village in northern Iraq. We received the first IDP flew from Mosul within the start of the operation of liberating the city, in August 2016.

The IDPs relocated from different Iraqi areas: east Mosul, west Mosul, Baaj, Qayrawan, Muhalabia, Sinjar, Zomar, Kask, Tal Abta, Talafer, Shura, Hader, Shrqat, Hawija, Salahadeen, Makhmoor, Dibaga, etc. The IDPs are from different tribes: Shamar, Juboor, Maamra, Albu Hamad, Jughifa, Albu Metwit, Juhash, etc.

The percentage of females under 18 years is 29%, males under 18 years – 25%, females over 18 – 30%, males over 18 – 16%.

UN evaluated the work results. CCCM guarantees access for the IDPs to all services in the camp and protection without discrimination to any group. We reduce the tension among the IDPs through social cohesion, peacebuilding (sport and social events), family reunification, and reconciliation between different tribes in the camp.

Also, within the visit, we concerned the IDPs’ needs. For instance, RNVO conducted NFI (non-food items) assessment, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) assessment, satisfaction surveys, intention to returns surveys camp sweep, FGDs with different groups.