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RNVDO carried out several activities during February 2020 in Jada’ah camp 5 and camp 1. The detail of these activities given below:


  1. RNVDO Jad’ah camp management met with sector representatives in Jad’ah 5 to discuss all the issues related to camp and its resident life and to empower and  involve the camp community in decision making

During the meeting sector representatives shared some issues in the camp with camp management and they tried together to find a solution for all the issues below:-


  • Roald issues. Camp management with the support of other actors opened alternative routes as a temporary solution until the main road been fixed.
  • Lack of water in rainy days: Camp management to coordinate with WASH partner in the camp and to make sure that all water tanks have been filled aday before the rain.
  • Electric maintenance: Sector representative to start Awareness campaign about consumption of electricity.
  • Camp fence maintenance: the sector representative agreed to start awareness campaign and reach out to all the families that are located along with the fence to take care of the fence and not allowed anyone to cause damage to the fence after the maintenance team fix the fence…