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RNVDO carried out several activities during 4th week of January 2020 in Jada’ah camp 5 and camp 1. The detail of these activities given below:

  • The Social Welfare Department in Nineveh visited the Jada’ah camp to discuss the situation of IDPs with special needs and how to provide them with assistance. The Social Welfare Department discussed with the camp management how to reduce the unemployment.
  • The volunteer electrical maintenance staff of RNVDO in Jada’ah Camp 5, despite the simple self-possibilities, repaired more than 3 large electrical transformers, repaired 4 electrical circuit breakers and provided electricity to the camp after an outage of several hours.
  • The Jada’ah Camp 5 management, in coordination with the Qayyarah Hospital distributed 6 beds for patients with quadriplegia, brain damage and chronic diseases, and distributed of 7 wheelchairs for the permanently disabled persons.
  • The management of Jada’ah 5 camp and the volunteer’s team visited the camp and found some expired drugs for some actors inside the camp and destroyed them all. The drugs were of cough medicine and treatments for chronic diseases.
  • Management of Jada’ah Camp 1 held a meeting with the International Medical Corps (IMC)organization and this meeting covered several topics, including: –
  1. Harassment of women.
  2. Avoid standing in areas those designated for women inside the camp, such as (toilet and water filling tanks).
  3. Merging the camp families with the families affiliated with ISIS.
  4. A detailed explanation of scabies cases.
  5. Everyone who is mistreated by a government agency or organization must go to the camp administration and submit a complaint.
  6. Not to practice or establish a Self-employment within the camp, except with the approval of the camp management.
  • Jaddah 5 camp management and volunteer teams wandered inside the camp. An operations room was set up to manage any emergency situation that can occur. But there was no threat to the IDPs in the camp even with the heavy rain, strong western winds, and some storms. The situation was controlled.  So far the teams are wandering inside the camp, but there are some drawbacks such as:-
  1. Insufficient sewage to drain rainwater
  2. These sewers and drainage channels are full of dirt and bush, so water will be difficult to pass-through.
  3. The internal road is very poor and causes many obstacles.
  • Jadaah – 5 Camp management met with the World Food Program (WFP) and Mercy Hand to discuss the markets they were supported inside the camp. We discussed the prices and how the IDPs can benefit from these markets better and the possibility of increasing the financial amount per person because the specified amount is not enough for some of the displaced families for a whole month.


  • The management of Jadaah – 5 Camp, with the support of the volunteer’s team, repaired the holes in the camp’s outer fence by patching it with some meters of the fence, and all this was done with the organization’s own efforts and resources.