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RNVDO carried out several activities during 3rd week of January 2020 in Jada’ah camp 5 and camp 1. The detail of these activities given below:

* The members of the Education Committee in Al-Jada’ah Camp 5 visited the camp school and found out the deplorable situation of it because of ignorance by relevant actors  

  • The Health Committee, one of the voluntary committees in Jada’ah Camp 5, reviewed the health conditions of patients and the disabled, and their names were registered to be referred to different organizations those can provide health services to them. The sectors targeted by the committee include L5 + L10 + L15 + L20.
  • The Health Committee, one of the volunteer committees, visited the Jada’ah 5 camp market to examine all materials and verified their expiry date. Also to make sure the freshness of the materials available inside the market in order to have healthy and fresh food items to the IDPs inside the camp.
  • The volunteers’ team in Jada’ah camp 5 spoke with some and interacted with some of the children, sensitized them, and urged them to study, take care of their personal hygiene and stay away from dangerous places as well as harmful things too.
  • The Jada’ah camp management and RNVDO volunteers’ team held a meeting with INTERSOS, TDH, and other organizations to discuss about the risks associated with sewage system including drains\ channels that Mercy Corps has constructed inside the camp. Also the management sensitized the displaced people, especially the children, about the dangers of these potholes, channels, and sewers, and advised them to stay away from them.
  • The voluntary committees in Jada’ah Camp 1 had a meeting with its member to discuss the awareness mechanism. Indeed the voluntary committees had a visit in the tents of the displaced people, made them aware of the dangers of diseases, and urged them to take care of personal hygiene and water saving. The committees also visited the camp market to search for damaged and expired items.

·       *  The management’s volunteer maintenance staff, Jada’ah 5, repaired electricity inside the camp. As a humanitarian act, the management carried out this repair without any funding from any organization, but only through self-voluntary efforts.