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The history of RNVDO goes back to 2004 when it worked through a group of volunteers on peacebuilding and social cohesion, human rights, and humanitarian assistance. It was formally registered in 2014 after the flight of hundreds of thousands in Iraq’s Ninewah Governorate from ISIS and various armed organisations.

Since then it manages the Jed’ah Camp, the largest internally displaced persons (IDPs) camp in the area, which housed 100.000 IDPs at the height of the crisis. RNVDO has served nearly 1 million IDPs, host communities, and returnees in a range of sectors. It continues to provide humanitarian and development programmes in Mosul, Jed’ah and other parts of Ninewah Province. RNVDO is officially registered in Iraq, Sweden, and France.


Meeting the basic needs of conflict-affected communities while integrating them into the community and fostering peaceful coexistence.


Creating coexisting communities through protection and development.