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RNVDO “family” increases the team spirit by conducting joint journeys and activities. Last weekend we spent at retreat workshop in Kasnazan town, in the west Erbil governorate. 

The trip was held on Saturday, 28th September 2019.The fascinating program started with team building activities. The team was split into groups for different activities. For a round of introduction all participants were divided in a way to introduce each other to become more familiar.

Next step – a game, where the players had to build a “communication” bridge over the flowing river from papers. The idea behind this activity was to make the participants to think out of box along with creativity and innovation. To our surprise, one team was far ahead of another. At the end of the activity, 

both groups watched a video about good and bad teamwork.

The other activity was also about to test the innovation and creativity of the participants by building a tallest tower with the support of some material including spaghettis and tape. In this game, already both teams showed their cohesion.
Following this activity a video about the process change was screened which related to the painful story of an Eagle bird who went through the change process.
After the activities, team enjoyed evening at BBQ and in the swimming pool.