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Over a year Jed’ah camp management has been running against time, challenging all difficulties while working day and night under very harsh financial and security conditions, in order to provide the best services to the IDPs to reduce their suffering.

    Unfortunately that wasn’t enough for us as a camp manager, so we carried out messages of love and peace and tried to change the negative ideas that were instigated by the ISIS to positive ideas aimed at loving and peaceful coexistence between all sectors of the ethnic community.

after the events of the Imam Gharbi, which started in the middle of this year, we noticed the increasing tension between the host community and the IDPs in the camps, and the host community started to accuse the IDPs and harass them, we found it’s our duty to do something to reduce this tension and try to create an Harmony atmosphere for tolerance, strengthening the social relations and consolidating the cohesion.

     Jed’ah camp management have become the torch that lights the way for everybody. The great number of the attendance to the football champion ceremony, was a proof of the trust of all societies in camp management and the loyalty to the human message, its performance and its ability to make great achievements with simple, limited possibilities, beside to that the incredible support from all humanitarian NGOs. Also Jed’ah camp management has established several sport area in Jed’ah camps for these purposes

The participation of Jed’ah camp teams (1-6) were not enough for The camp management,So we tried to involve the host community teams and other camps in order to invite the Airstrip camp team and six teams from the villages that located around the camp like,  Makuk,  Zheilelah, Juaana and Qayara district. Also we should not forget the active participation of men, women and children from all the villages.



The presence of huge numbers of the Arabian tribes from all areas of west and east Mosul had a significant impact on increasing the social cohesion of the community and an evidence for presenting the peaceful coexistence between the Mosul communities. And this is considered as a step for the reconciliation among all trips in the city of Mosul.

Also Jed’ah Camp management invited more than 16 volunteer teams working in the city of Mosul to participate in this festival for transfering this successful experiment in the camps to the city of Mosul and to learn from this activities how to build peace, beside teaching the civilian people in Mosul to live in love and peace. Those Voluntary teams had an active participation in the festival.

On the other hand the presence of Jed’ah camps   women committees, youth committees and trip leader committee were clear and active.      Women committees gathered from all Jed’ah camps for proving their active presence in this festival to send massages for whole world that the women are powerful enough and they can build a safe and peaceful society for their children.




  Even the children in Jed’ah camps came and insist to participate in the festival that was against the violent, carrying the banners which state the following “no for violent yes, for   love and peace.  We are children, we deserve to live in love and peace with   no violent. We want to go to school, play sports. Please, keep your bloody hands away from our country.


It was an amazing and wonderful to see people of different nationalities, religions and regions get along with each other to live together in love and peace and faced all challenges encountered in previous periods of Sectarianism and violence.

       This activity have been achieved a great success with different goals that created a sense of belonging to the outside community of the IDPs and achieved a series of public awareness. The scientific and humanitarian planning and the insight of the camp management resulting from the great experience which has an impact on the success of these activities and public participation.

         This national reconciliation initiative represented by this football championship was considered very successful and was a step towards peaceful coexistence and social and national cohesion among the local communities.

From this point everybody should watch and learn forgiveness and live together in peace and love


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