Livelihoods Protection

Protect and build resilience of women, youth and children in Mosul, Iraq


Partnership with LWR

The project envisages improved protection awareness and enhanced life skills by providing access to protection services, education and livelihoods support through vocational trainings for 7,700 beneficiaries in Wadi Hajar.

‘Ana-Fi-Aman’ which translates to ‘I am safe’ in Arabic is the central theme which revolves around all beneficiaries engaged with this project and extended to the most vulnerable sections of society who have suffered ISIS occupation and post liberation trauma.  

The project is intended to be a pilot which will take into account the impact, build upon lessons learned and subsequently extended to other areas of West Mosul that have seen massive damage and destruction, as part of a longer term initiative to bring much needed stability and empower youth, women and children to embrace life with optimism, confidence and take responsibility for advancing a better future


The project was introduced at a crucial period in Iraqi history when the Government and Coalition forces liberated parts of Mosul City from ISIS in the first phase of the armed operations which began in October 2016.  In March 2017, Wadi Hajar, sitting on the West side of Mosul, was recaptured after an intensive battle which saw large destruction of properties and infrastructure.   Although Wadi Hajar was freed in March 2017 from ISIS control, counter-terrorism activities and security risks were an impediment to access.  RNVDO was among one of the first Organizations to reach this area with life-saving water and food.  The Ana Fi Aman project  could be initiated only after the area had been cleared of IEDs, rubble and the restoration of some semblance of normalization.

Ana Fi Aman center provided various activities:

 Children Recreational activities that include: 

Fun activities, such as games, drawings, sports, singing, & drama.Informal learning opportunities in reading, basic hygiene and life lessons.A chance for children to express their feelings of fear and loss through creative play, stories and group interactions.Children participated= 954 Females=520, Males= 434

Protection activates include: Psychosocial support & case management, case referring, workshops, awareness, and campaigns.

Total Beneficiaries= 7,115   

Females=4,320, Males= 2,795

Psychosocial support:

Total PSS= 1561  

Female= 841, Male=720



Awareness/ workshops:  Females awareness workshops addressing various subjects:  Humans rights, Early marriage, Learn to build future generation, Not to be early marriage’s victim, Make my future by science, Women role in building community, and Facing ISIS ideology, all activities provide leadership, empowerment and build resilience.

Total Participants= 397

Guide lines on how to deal with “Explosive devices and Mains”, and its danger, training carried by “DDG” on 21-10-2017 for “25” males, & on 24-10-2017, for “35” females.












Teacher PSS training: As part of Protection training’s, Advocacy, & awareness raising workshops of “Ana Fi Aman” project, A workshop held for 11th of Wadi-hajar’s school “8” females, and “3” males, to Integrate psycho-social support in education.

Campaigns & field visits:

Staff field visits: Covering the PSS, case management, and awareness activities, “Ana Fi Aman’s” team made, frequent field visits to the community of wadi-hajar more than 200 houses where visited.

Total Beneficiaries= 404 Person 

Total 18 & over Male’s= 117  

Total 18 & over Female’s= 287

Children’s Parade: On 31st October 2017, The campaign reached over “1,050” of beneficiary’s houses in Wadi-Hajar See map below”, and raise the awareness about the importance of education, the importance of girls’ education and the seriousness of child labor.

Beneficiaries: 2428 

Total 18 & above Male’s: 952

Total 18 & above Female’s: 1476


The parade made a huge success among the people of Wadi-Hajar, the whole neighborhood reacted positively and start marching together with our children, also, during the parade our staff approached Wadi-Hajar people talked about the importance of parade’s subjects, and answering questions,

all people were happy and promise to support the campaign and offers to volunteer with us. 

Child Labor campaign: Our “Child Labor” campaign in Wadi-Hajar started on Wednesday the 22nd November 2017, covering the south side area “more than920 houses See map below”, targeting: Households, Markets, schools, & pedestrians.

During the campaign our staff distributed 1217 flyers, and put 220 posters on walls, also made a demonstration about the dangers of child labor and its bad effect on the family and children on the short & long terms.

Beneficiaries = 1217

Males: 524

Females: 693

Life skill & Vocational trainings:  Aiming to address economic problems, overcome impoverishment, and supporting the vulnerable beneficiaries with necessary trainings that increase their opportunity to achieve sustainable income, also, supporting Mosul city rebuilding activities, a life skill and vocational training program designed according to the need of beneficiaries and the local market needs. All VT graduated receive a certificate, and the first three receive tool kit related to the training that finished.

Beneficiary= 1162

Female= 381, Male= 781