Baby Show festival in Jadah camp

June 2019 / Iraq – Nineveh
For purpose to increase the aware for women and new mothers RNVDO launched festival called baby show. This Awareness festival focused on the importance of breastfeeding and care for newborns, also included group of training sessions for more than 70 women and girls. Promoting the social cohesion was one of the target areas where involved group of host community with the IDPs in camp. Sara said (IDP in Jadah 3) “I birthed my first-born weeks ago and I didn’t know many of information about a newborn’s, this awareness sessions were helpful for me and now I can face and deal with many f challenges”. Is worth to mention, the festival held in the 6 camps and participated other NGOs with RNVDO.

RNVDO participated in Warsaw Humanitarian Expo

Warsaw – Poland  June 2019

    Delegation carried with hopes of thousands of people in need for in Iraq and Syria, participated in Warsaw Humanitarian Expo. Representative RNVDO in the expo the director and general advisor of the NGO and they participated in the conference “Responsible Business for Humanitarian Emergencies” That searched in how business can get involved in humanitarian actions worldwide.

Within the activities of the expo RNVDO did open special suite, showed about the organization and its programs and the gaps and needs for people in IDPs camps and urban areas.

This participation came as part of RNVDO fundraising strategy for humanitarian response in Iraq and Syria. 

RNVDO Rehabilitates a School in Biji

After the liberation clashes in Salah Aldeen, the infrastructure of several places got damaged. By a request from the Education Sub-cluster of Salah Aldeen province, RNVDO has rehabilitated the primary school Smood in Malha village / Biji. The school got damaged and infiltrating the rainwater to the classrooms and offices causing several risks on the children and affecting the quality of the education. RNVDO conducted an assessment for the school and in March 2019 and later started to repair the ceilings of 18 caravans. The repairs helped 500 students (Males & Females) and 17 teaching staff to continue the education semester within a safe environment. This activity came within RNVDO plan for intervention in Education humanitarian response in Salah Aldeen to assist the people there to return to original areas.