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RNVDO has facilitated the return of children to school and access normal environment for learning and helping them to overcome the trauma. RNVDO’s project, in partnership with UNICEF, has enhanced access to safe and conducive learning environments through minor school repairs and raising awareness in 18 school buildings (23 schools) in Qayyarah areas of Nineveh province.     

RNVDO reached 5,775 children through minor repairs and rehabilitation of WASH, at the same time creating work opportunities for vulnerable communities to access Cash-for-Work by contributing to school repair activities. In addition, RNVDO has facilitated orientation of 54 teachers (male and female educators) on Hygiene Promotion, disseminated to school children through attractively packaged activities and messages to adopt healthy hygiene behaviors and prevent mortality and morbidity attributed to water-borne diseases. Immediately following the liberation of areas from ISIS, RNVDO partnered with Cordaid Foundation to rehabilitate 3 primary schools in Qayyarah, Hamdania and Shoura.

After the liberation of the city of Mosul, RNVDO, in partnership with War Child UK, started an education project in 8 TLS “temporarily learning schools” in Hamam Alil camp. The project targeted 9500 students (IDPs and Host community).

Within the project, RNVDO held training to 120 formal and non-formal teaching staff on several education topics and supplied the students with student’s kits and schools with items of furniture.

62,000 students benefited from education project of RNVDO in partnership with UNICEF implemented in over 72 schools in Qayyarah subdistrict. This project focused on “back to schools” education, students’ kits distribution, students’ uniforms, furniture for schools and teaching tools.

RNVDO has partnered with Humanity & Inclusion (formerly known as Handicap International) to improve the health and education outcomes of children with disabilities and other vulnerabilities in West Mosul through the rehabilitation of 9 schools in West Mosul and Hamam Al-Alil.

Teachers Capacity Building    

 Teachers have an important role to play in the development of a generation that is now scarred by violence and loss: they contribute to shaping the future of Mosul’s children. It is particular importance to give a role to schools and to the teachers in confronting the phenomena of extremism and violence. Developing the more immediate capacity of primary school teachers is key to foster among learners a range of supporting cognitive socio-emotional and behavioral skills, concepts such as critical thinking, multi-perceptivity, respect for diversity, understandings of complexity and peaceful coexistence. As a result RVNDO was able to build the capacity of 450 teachers in the above mentioned areas.

Furniture Distribution

Any school regardless of its condition would not function properly without a proper, safety, suitable and comfortable furniture. Classroom Ergonomics (School Furniture) play an important role in the learning environment. For this purpose RNVDO distributed furniture in 89 schools, including (Desk, white board, chair, school storage cabinet) 

School Rehabilitation    

It is important to repair, and maintain the school building to keep it functioning at its optimum. But restoring the former design of the building may not be considered as the ultimate solution for all planning processes, improvements and upgrading needs.  RNVDO rehabilitated 38 formal school buildings.

Stationary Distribution

Providing stationary items for the students allow children to actively participate in education and improve the quality of education. Stationary distribution includes (notebooks, pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, ruler, colored pencil…etc. In total 58,524 children were provided with stationary items in order to continue their education.

Temporary Learning Spaces (TLS)       

TLS is demarcated spaces for teachers and students to conduct teaching and learning when they can’t do so in their school because of displacement or damage/destruction of the school. TLSs can and should be established quickly, yet they also lay a foundation for restarting formal education and enrolling children who were previously out of school. RNVDO was managed 10 TLS in Jad’ah camps.

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities have a great impact on one’s life specifically in three aspects- physical health, mental health and improving quality of life. Our activities include (competition, sport activities, drawing, questionnaires and playing games) to refresh their bodies and minds and make their leisure time more interesting and enjoyable. 

WASH kits Distribution

By keeping your school clean, you’ll begin to take pride in your school’s appearance and you’ll gain valuable experience caring for your environment. RNVDO distributed WASH kits in 91 schools in Mosul, including (toilet brushes, paper towels, bucket, and floor cleaning brushes).