Hajj Ali Shelter:New schools with psychosocial Support


August 2016

Children are some of the biggest victims of the islamic State’s propaganda.Human rights organizations and news outlets have extensively documented IS’ indoctrination techniques on young children, where they instill extremist ideology and violent behavior

After escaping IS-occupied territory , children display signs of trauma and an adherence – mostly out of fear – to IS ideology. RNVDO opened a school with one class for children in Hajj Ali Shelter to provide educational opportunities, continuity with their lives pre-ISIS,and a safe space to express themselves . The school holds 40 students, and two female volunteer teachers teach the class.

The teachers received a three-day capacity building training focusing on teaching methods that support students as they transition out from an IS-controlled environment. Their methods and curriculum instill social cohesion and promotion of basic human rights.

The main challenge that the child face is one regarding gender segregation. IS enforced a strict male-female separation from an early age.RNVDO promotes co-ed classroom in order to promote gender equality and understanding .

However , male children often express their fears about interacting with the female students. They are constantly haunted by a belief that IS will find them and punish them for this behavior.