RNVDO Community Centres provide IDPs with a chance to re-start their lives


It has been a year now since Iraqi authorities declared the liberation of Mosul. Internally displaced persons (IDPs) are slowly returning to their places of origin and look for opportunities to re-start their lives.

However, very often they do not even recognise their former neighbourhoods of Mosul. West Mosul suffered the greatest destruction due to the military activities. Those who decide to return are faced with extreme difficulties to re-start their lives in the new circumstances.

RNVDO in partnership with two International NGOs, Lutheran World Relief (LWR) and Danish Church Aid (DCA) set up four Community Centres (one more to be opened soon), where the returning communities can find safety and peace. 

The Centres organise different activities. We conduct psycho-social sessions for children who experienced trauma during the war. In our child-friendly spaces the children can spend time learning new things and making friends. To complement these activities, our protection Team organises various awareness workshops and campaigns for parents and care givers. These aim to provide guidance and support on urgent and sensitive matters. 

We also provide Livelihood opportunities for the local community. Last month, we held vocational trainings in electrical installations, sewing, statistics and accounting, farm fishing, and catering.

RNVDO is currently conducting an IT training, with other trainings planned for the coming months. Since the beginning of the year in the two opened Centers, together with our partners we managed reached directly over 2000 beneficiaries. Over 700 participated in the PSS activities and another 700 in the awareness sessions; more than 200 men and women received vocational trainings; and 625 kids attended catch up classes to prepare for exams. 

The Centres established by RNVDO and its partners provide support to both children and adults so that the whole community may start the process of rehabilitation together. The psycho-social support and provision of sustainable livelihoods are the utmost priority for communities returning to the destroyed city of Mosul. 

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