In 2016-17 RNVDO delivered humanitarian projects in Mosul and Hamdaniya districts aimed at resilience-building in areas with a high percentage of returning IDPs, in urban and rural settings. Activities included emergency CFW and light rehabilitation of building infrastructure in Hamdaniya, Shora and Qayyarah.

Towards stabilization and restoration of normalcy and improve social cohesion among the diverse sects of populations who have been affected, RNVDO partnered with Cordaid Foundation to support rehabilitation of water systems and schools’ in liberated villages in the district of Hamdaniyah and Qayyarah, to create earning opportunities for communities.  Towards this end, activities like vocational training, setting up local businesses through cash grants, and capacity building were implemented for 400 households (2,400 beneficiaries) under cash for work initiative.  The successful outcome of this project and demand by communities to continue such activities, has led to a renewal of partnership with Cordaid to expand the project.

Recently, a partnership has been established with Lutheran World Relief (May 2017) to reach 7,700 beneficiaries in Wadi Hajar under the ‘Ana Fi Aman’ (I am safe) project with the objective of building the resilience of women, youth and children by providing access to protection and livelihoods opportunities which includes capacity building. A second phase of the project will be implemented in 2018 to cover an additional neighborhood with livelihoods opportunities.

In Jad’ah camp, RNVDO collaborated with Noor As-Sama for peacebuilding and social cohesion awareness campaigns in Jad’ah Camp. In late 2017 we also took part in Tal Afar response assisting 490 recently returned families in Abu Mariyah. RNVDO implemented an MPCA project funded by Caritas France targeting 387 families in Mosul city with multi-purpose cash assistance.

These projects are part of RNVDO’s wider strategic effort to address critical and recurrent needs of agronomic communities hard-hit by displacement, while promoting social peace and women empowerment.

Marketing assessments by RNVDO’s M&E department, have revealed a high demand by communities for income generation activities.  RNVDO therefore plans to increase income generating activities through vocational projects such as carpentry, baking, dairy processing, first aid training, and electronics repair, and is looking to develop partnerships for supporting interventions in this key area to empower and build resilient communities.

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