Protection mainstreaming is introduced throughout RNVDO’s programming framework to assure community security and safety with a focus on gender specific concerns.

Temporary Learning Space (TLS), RNVDO, WARCHILD, Hamam Al-Alil Camp

At present, RNVDO in partnership with War Child UK, is managing eight Temporary Learning Spaces (TLS) with a capacity of 4100 students.  Trainings have been carried out for 42 teachers to build their education skills and enhance protection support.  In addition, RNVDO will start rehabilitating 10 schools in Hamam Al Alil including distribution of textbooks for students.  More trainings have been planned for staff managing protection activities around CP, PSS, PFA, CM and referral systems.

RNVDO has also established an important partnership with Lutheran World Relief for project ‘Ana Fi Aman’ (I am Safe) that serves to enhance protection of 7,700 beneficiaries in West Mosul located in Wadi Hajar through capacity development and life skills trainings with a focus on children, women and youth.

A Child Friendly space has been established in July 2017 that provides special activities for children and referrals for trauma cases.  The space is also used to double up for women’s meetings and awareness activities on rights and life skills trainings.  Under this project, RNVDO has also set up a youth vocational training centre at their office complex in West Mosul which provides support to link them up with employment opportunities.  Some of the anticipated trainings that are due to take off shortly are Computer proficiency, mobile soft/hardware repairs, English language classes, barbering, sewing and photography.

Life Skills Training for Women, RNVDO, LWR, West Mosul

RNVDO is planning to run major projects with IOM, WCUK and Save the Children to held couples of awareness campaigns in Hamam Al alil camp and in Mosul city. RNVDO is regularly organizing PTA (parents & Teachers meeting - group meeting managed by RNVDO is aim to communicate the formal school’s management with the parent (IDPs and HC). Also, RNVDO managing the coordination meeting for all the protection partners in Jad’ah camps every two weeks in RNVDO office and discus all the protection issues regarding Jad’ah camps populations.


CCCM Protection

Fire prevention awareness campaign in Jadd’ah

On March 6 March 2018, RNVDO in collaboration with IOM, UNHCR, RNVDO, WRO, TDH and Intersos started fire prevention awareness campaign for Jada’ah camps. The campaign is composed of, outreach awareness for all the camps by holding session with IDPs for each 10 tents then distribute the leaflets and hanging the posters. Secondly displaying awareness Read More

Education Protection

Temporary Learning Spaces

Introduction From June 2014 until the beginning of a military offensive in October 2016, Mosul had been under the control of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). Iraq’s second largest city was home to an estimated 1.2 million people–half of whom were children—and it is estimated that as many as 850,000 highly vulnerable Read More

Livelihoods Protection


Protect and build resilience of women, youth and children in Mosul, Iraq   Partnership with LWR The project envisages improved protection awareness and enhanced life skills by providing access to protection services, education and livelihoods support through vocational trainings for 7,700 beneficiaries in Wadi Hajar. ‘Ana-Fi-Aman’ which translates to ‘I am safe’ in Arabic is Read More

Protection Success Stories