RNVDO facilitates reconciliation between four families from various clans


RNVDO recognises the importance of looking beyond provision of humanitarian aid. On daily basis, we work towards social cohesion and peace-building amongst displaced communities. 
We facilitated the reconciliation of four families living in the camps, belonging to four different clans: Al-Buhamad, Al-Lahib, Al-Khawatneh and Al-Jegayfaia. The timely initiative ended a potentially dangerous family dispute. Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Waka’a, one of RNVDO’s employees who oversaw the reconciliation, said: “The signing of this reconciliation document represents the RNVDO’s ability to create a peaceful community among displaced families, based on their extensive community experience.” The four clans representatives expressed their gratitude to the RNVDO staff.

We are delighted to see such peaceful outcome of our efforts, which greatly motivates us to continue our RNVDO mission.

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