RNVDO Provides Vocational Trainings and Small Business Grants in Mosul

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RNVDO continues its efforts to restore the living conditions in Western Mosul to what they were before the beginning of the rise of ISIS and the subsequent military operations aimed at liberating the area. The conflict results were seen in the damaged infrastructures and the suffering of the people, many of whom left the city for safety and began returning after liberation. There is an urgent need to improve living conditions and provide basic needs for returnees.

As part of its livelihood program, RNVDO provides people, from both Genders and different age groups, with the skills they need to start their own businesses; through vocational training programs implemented in the organization’s centers located in different areas of the Mosul City.  

In the first week of January 2019, RNVDO in partnership with the LWR supported 15 females and 15 males with grants to start their own businesses. The 30 beneficiaries went through the vocational training program implemented by RNVDO. Others who also participated in the training but they did not receive grants, were referred to other organizations with similar grants programs. The businesses started by the beneficiaries include barbershops, cell phone maintenance and repairs, hairdressing and beauty centers.      


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