RNVDO staff gathers in silence to commemorate the passing of Kofi Annan

CCCM Communication News Photo
It is with deep sadness that RNVDO mourns the death of Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations and the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Kofi Annan has passed away on 18th of August at the age of 80. Today all RNVDO staff in headquarters and in our field offices has gathered in silence in memory of Kofi Annan.
Kofi Annan has been an example of one of the greatest leaders in the development and humanitarian world. He spent his life fighting to uphold the sanctity and dignity of every human life, irrespective of race and religion. On his path, he was a fervent supporter of peaceful and prosperous Iraq. He advocated for the Oil for Food Programme to ensure meeting of the humanitarian needs of people in Iraq with supplies of food and medicine, despite the economic sanctions.
On this sad occasion we remember his deeply humane deeds, clear vision and wise words: 
“Good, healthy democratic societies are built on three pillars: there’s peace and stability, economic development, and respect for rule of law and human rights. And where all three are present, you stand a very good chance of making a go of it.” 
Kofi Annan remains a powerful inspiration for RNVDO staff and volunteers, who will continue striving to keep his mission alive.

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