Teena Camp Building Schools and Community


September 2016

Children in Teena Camp Have shown signs of trauma due to their time under IS control. They often are fearful of IS’ return, which impacts their behavior and their ability to move forward

To address this obstacle, RNVDO established a school for 30 students . Tow teachers volunteer at the school to lead classes and to facilitate activities that promote growth and instill a respect for human rights.

The teachers underwent a capacity building training on how to address the trauma the students face as they integrate and rebuild a society free from IS. The teachers built psychosocial  support inte the curriculum

In order a link tothe children’s lives pre-IS, RNVDO schools use the Iraqi central government’s curriculum. The majority of students used these lessons and experienced these teaching methods prior tothe IS occupation. The familiarity with this routine provides an anchor for children amidst the chaos and constant change

Teachers and RNVDO staff have seen immense growth in the students’ well-being and feeling of security . This is largely due to the psychosocial support activities and the continuation of their education. The students are slowly regaining confidence outside the rul of IS.