Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference and Exhibition (DIHAD)


Under the support of his highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, his highness Sheikh Hasher Bin Al-Maktoum, Director of the Dubai Information Department, initiated the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development conference and exhibition (DIHAD) on March 12th – 14th at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center (DICEC).The crises and natural disasters have posed a challenge to the humanitarian sector, Dubai International Conference has presented a discussion of the best solutions to all those concerned with the humanitarian response, with the common goal of alleviating the suffering resulting from these disasters. RNVDO participated in the conference besides hundreds of other national and international NGOs such as UNHCR, IOM, GIZ, TDH, FAO, ICRC, UNHRD, UNOCHA, MSF, UNICEF, WHO, UNRWA, MERCY CORPS.

The delegation of the organization participated in the activities of the conference from the workshops that preceded the opening to the proposals of the reality of relief in Iraq and the meetings of the conference, and provided more than a study on the reality of humanitarian services and basic needs in the camps and communities, of them:

Jad’ah camp management challenge , Excluding Jad’ah 6 from service and camp upgrades, Sustainable governance, return and stability, Jad’ah satisfaction survey, Agriculture and livelihood in North-Eastern Syria,  WASH need assessment in Muhalabia (Mosul), Shelter condition in West Mosul, Women labor market in Mosul, Rapid protection assessment in Jadah Camps, Need assessment for education in Salah Al-Deen (Shirqat and Biji), Life condition assessment for Nineveh plain, At its booth RNVDO presented its achievements, activities and some booklets such as Stories of Children of Mosul, RNVDO profile, organization’s brochures and RNVDO strategic plan. Moreover, several success stories have been shown of the implemented projects, and handcraft products of women from Mosul who attended RNVDO’s vocational trainings.

RNVO’s booth received hundreds of visitors from all international relief agencies and diplomatic representations in the UAE, giving them a detailed explanation of all the activities and events carried out, as well as the suffering and needs of IDPs and returnees in Iraq.

On the sidelines of the conference, the delegation held dozens of meetings with donors in order to raise the level of humanitarian services and strengthen the capacity of the organization through intervention and humanitarian response in the areas in need.

The Iraqi government participated with a ministerial delegation represented by Mr. Faleh Al-Amiri the senior deputy of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and the director of the civil society organizations Sadiq Abdul Wahid in the conference.

The government delegation met with many involved institutions on the humanitarian situation and reached a formula for joint cooperation with several UAE institutions involved in this regard.The delegation also participated in the discussions and panels that came within the conference.

The purpose of this conference was to build relationships and networking among the participants representing senior representatives of international and local development and aid organizations, government advisors, UN agencies, Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, local 

and international NGOs, investors, donors and the private sector, and developing partnerships between organizations working in the same field and share the same vision to develop a network of support to communities in conflict areas to acquire and share valuable knowledge about effective humanitarian assistances to conflict and disaster areas. Also, it was an opportunity for the humanitarian organizations and suppliers to meet.

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His highness Sheikh Hasher Bin Al-Maktoum, director of the Dubai Media Department, accompanied by a delegation of prominent personalities and activists of the local and international humanitarian community, toured the DIHAD exhibition where they were briefed on the services provided by the major international organizations and exhibitors.

The agenda of the conference discussed several pressing issues, the global agreements on refugees and migrants, and how effective are they? How education in emergencies is a strategic investment in the future? Also, discussing the gap between education in public schools and education in situations of emergency and displacement, creating opportunities for IDPs and integrating them into society.

The exhibition was attended by a total of 640 government organizations, humanitarian organizations, suppliers, companies and major international brands presented their services and projects. This year’s event hosted nine innovative workshops, including two workshops for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which will launch the new UNHCR online service provider.

The event was organized by INDEX for Conferences and Exhibitions – a member of INDEX Holding, sponsored by the king Abdullah Humanitarian Foundation, Al Hayat for Relief and Development, Seqaya UAE and the support of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Humanitarian Foundation, The United Nations, the UAE Red Crescent Society, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the World Humanitarian City and Dubai Cares.

RNVDO participation at Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference and Exhibition (DIHAD)




Women centers in Jada’h Camps to Empower Women to face all challenges.

Iraq- Jada’h camp May 2019

In the context of the coordination with IOM, RNVDO launched a vocational training program for women who are responsible for running their own households in the camps south of Mosul. The program includes the training of these women in the tailoring profession, 25 women in each of the six camps.

This program will give women a craft through which they can open small businesses that will provide them with material inputs that they can depend on to live.

“Staying in the tent and being responsible for caring for my family would have caused me more poverty as there was no way of working for me as a woman” says Istabraq, who lives in Jada’a5 Camp, one of the women in the training program, “This training will give me and many women in these camps a career that will enable us to secure the clothing for ourselves and our children at minimum”.

“I will certainly be able to work in this area and become a source of strength for me and my children”.

This program represents the first of its kind in Jada’a camps and it will contribute to the introduction of other professional training and activities for the displaced: in this way, after they were fully dependent on humanitarian aid, the displaced will be able to become more independent and have more opportunities for themselves and their families.

Making Jedah Camp Greener

As summer is approaching and the weather is about to get warmer, RNVDO decided to plant some trees in Jedah camps as a part of big plan to increase the green areas in the camp. As the camp is located in a semi-desert area, the green areas will be very important to produce fresh air and decrease the effects of the sand storms. The planting took place around the WASH facilities in the camp in order to get benefit from the waste water and use it to supply the trees with water.

RNVDO Rehabilitates a School in Biji

After the liberation clashes in Salah Aldeen, the infrastructure of several places got damaged. By a request from the Education Sub-cluster of Salah Aldeen province, RNVDO has rehabilitated the primary school Smood in Malha village / Biji. The school got damaged and infiltrating the rainwater to the classrooms and offices causing several risks on the children and affecting the quality of the education. RNVDO conducted an assessment for the school and in March 2019 and later started to repair the ceilings of 18 caravans. The repairs helped 500 students (Males & Females) and 17 teaching staff to continue the education semester within a safe environment. This activity came within RNVDO plan for intervention in Education humanitarian response in Salah Aldeen to assist the people there to return to original areas.