Distribution of educational supplies

Education Impact Stories

Distribution of educational supplies for (72) schools in Al-Qayyarah sub-district southern Mosul
Within the support of UNICEF, RNVDO launched to distribute teaching aids for (72) schools in Al-
Qayyarah sub district, the distribution contained educational supplies for more than (42,000) students
(Elementary & Intermediate grades)with school bags, stationery, and school furniture. The distribution
operation was accompanied with back to school awareness using campaign posters and billboards to
cover most schools in mentioned sub district. It is worth mentioning that RNVDO previously
rehabilitated (23) schools in Al-Qayyarah sub district within its programs to bring back life for liberated

Distribution of winter school uniforms for students in Al-Qayyara sub-district southern Mosul
Within its educational supportive campaigns, RNVDO held distribution of winter school uniforms to
more than (20,000) students for (38) elementary schools in Al-Qayyarah sub district southern Mosul. It is
worth mentioning that RNVDO previously distributed educational supplies and rehabilitated schools in
the mentioned sub district.


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