RNVDO extends thanks to USAID for support of its early activities in Tina Camp

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RNVDO is delighted to see USAID writing about its support to Tina Camp in Nineveh Governorate in Iraq.

We are deeply thankful to USAID and other donors and partners who supported us in serving the displaced communities in the Tina Camp. It is thanks to your contribution, that we could ensure the survival of thousands in desperate need and extreme distress.

Tina Camp has been the very first camp managed by RNVDO. The Camp was established before the Iraqi army and US-led coalition liberated the Qayyarah subdistrict from ISIS and other extremist groups. The Camp thus provided life-saving assistance to the masses of people fleeing during the Battle for Mosul. The Camp’s strategic location close to the frontline allowed RNVDO to provide the internally displaced persons (IDPs) with immediate shelter and emergency assistance.

The Tina Camp covered 1000 plots and operated until October 2016. RNVDO led Camp Coordination and Management (CCM) in activities such as: registration of new arrivals, allocation of tents, identifying needs of displaced populations, and liaising with all partners. In collaboration with UNICEF, we also provided Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) interventions, including: provision of safe drinking water, water trucking, construction of sanitation facilities, and distribution of hygiene kits. Our staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to keep the displaced families safe and healthy in this difficult time of extreme distress.

Today, RNVDO applies the invaluable experience gained in the Tina Camp in management of Jed’ah Camp, currently hosting 60.000 IDPs in Nineveh province. As Iraq transitions from emergency response phase to early recovery, RNVDO also establishes and runs Community Centres in West Mosul, which provide safe and friendly community spaces, psycho-social support, education and livelihood opportunities to the conflict-affected populations wishing to rebuild their lives after the devastating war.

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